Track Academy is an educational, mentoring and sports programme which supports the personal development of young people.

Track Academy helps young people realise they are more than the circumstances they are born into and helps them fulfil their true potential and develop as positive members of their community.

“At Track Academy we believe that if you can help a child understand at a young age that their thoughts and attitude will be the making or breaking of them, then you have empowered that child for life, in all aspects of their life.” Connie Henry, Director.

Key Elements

Study Support: Education is one of the basic building blocks of success and Track Academy recognises that all young people need to be educated to the highest level possible. The Academy supports this premise by offering students extra study and tutoring support and helps students to plan an educational pathway. This support is built on a strong relationship with the educational institution the student attends. Further opportunities for students to gain qualifications and therefore improve their future prospects are also available.

Athlete Development: Sport or physical activity at any level has the unique ability to inspire and ultimately prove to young people that they can achieve things they set their mind to; the achievement can be small or large. Track Academy’s aim is to set the ball rolling on changing a young person’s thought process and thus their life. The coaches are of the highest calibre; most are international athletes turned talented coaches. The young people that attend the Academy are coached and mentored by these individuals from the outset, to become responsible educated athletes. These sessions are aimed at producing both club and international athletes and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The discipline and benefit of sport instils the critical “can do” outlook and focus, which is vital to a student’s successful educational development. Track Academy is built on the foundation that the power of sport creates lasting individual and social change.

Mentoring: This is the glue that holds Track Academy together and involves weekly mentoring sessions with inspirational athletes and respected members of the community. These individuals are consistent in their attitude, expectations and belief that a positive thought process is the cornerstone to success and realising ones dreams in life. The programme helps students to develop leadership skills and a positive outlook on their life challenges. The Academy environment is very disciplined and structured, which owes much to its success with the students as clear boundaries are always set.

Using this unique model, Track Academy has inspired disadvantaged young people to attend University and has given hundreds of young people an opportunity to change their lives and contribute to society.

The aim of Track Academy is to help young people realise they are more than the circumstances they are born into. If Olympic Athletes are created along the way, then it is a nice by-product of what the Academy is trying to achieve.